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13 Aug 18 Disk is hung by drd nothing works

claimed on ioscan

fuser -c shows clean

drd is insists the disk is busy

DRD crashed causing the issue.

Don’t want to reboot that is an admission of defeat.


ERROR: Analysis of file system creation fails.
– Analysis of target fails.
– Analysis of the configuration with disk “/dev/disk/disk143” fails.
– The analysis step for creation of an inactive system image failed.
– The default DRD mount point “/var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/” cannot be used due to the following error(s):
– The mount point /var/opt/drd/mnts/sysimage_001/ is not an empty directory as required.
* Analyzing For System Image Cloning failed with 1 error.
* DRD operation failed, contents of /var/opt/drd/tmp copied to /var/opt/drd/save.

======= 08/13/18 06:39:16 EDT END Clone System Image failed with 1 error. (user=hcladmin) (jobid=ohonq001)


cd /var/opt/drd/mnts/

rm -rf *

scsimgr clear_kmstat -D /dev/rdisk/disk143

scsimgr: Cleared the Kmetric data successfully

DRD nirvana.

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