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15 Sep 14 Console information on an rx2660 (and probably others)

I found my console for an rx2660 ignite server offline. Was not able to ping it.

So I had to go a hunting on the Internet for a procedure to display the actual information from the running OS.

The IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent.

/opt/propplus/bin/cprop -detail -c “Management Processor”

[Component]: Management Processor
[Table]: Management Processor
[Hash ID]: Management Processor:c318dfa5x309885cd
< ClassName:HP_ManagementProcessor NameSpace:root/cimv2 >
[ControllerType]: Unknown
[Dedicated]: Management
[CreationClassName]: HP_ManagementProcessor
[Name]: Management Processor
[EnabledState]: Enabled
[OperationalStatus]: OK
[FirmwareRevision]: F.002.025.000
[LEDColour]: 0
[LEDBlinkRate]: 0
[NICCondition]: 2

I found this output worthy of note as well:


hostname:root > /opt/propplus/bin/cprop -list
No status | Software Bundles
No status | System Summary
Normal | Cooling
Normal | Processors
Normal | FC HBA
No status | FRU Information
No status | Firmware Information
Normal | IOTree
Normal | Memory
No status | Mem Error
No status | Memory Utilization
Normal | Management Processor
Minor | Network Information
Minor | Power
No status | Process Information
No status | Software Products
Normal | Temperature
Normal | Voltage
No status | Boot Device Configuration
No status | Crash Dump Configuration
Unknown | RAIDSA HBA
Normal | SAS HBA
Unknown | SCSI HBA
Normal | Disk Drive

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