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29 Aug 14 HPVM storage discovery & passthrough

This applies to hpvm, definitely version 4.00, probably all the way through version 6.2. HP-UX 11.31


You have a HPVM host named hpvm1 and it has a guest dguest1


Virtual Machine Name VM # Type OS Type State     #VCPUs #Devs #Nets Memory

==================== ===== ==== ======= ========= ====== ===== ===== =======

dguest0                 9 SH   HPUX   On (OS)        4   41     4   48 GB

dguest1                 8 SH   HPUX   On (OS)       4   41     4   48 GB


Storage team presents you the storage.

ioscan -Nfncdisk (or)

ioscan -fnCdisk

Disk turns out to be disk 5

hpvmmodify -p 8 -a disk:avio_stor::disk:/dev/rdisk/disk5

To pull back disk288 from a guest on:

rmsf -k -H <hardware path from ioscan -NfnCdisk>

hpvmmodify -p 8 -d disk:avio_stor::disk:/dev/rdisk/disk288


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