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16 Feb 12 Enabling a falsely disabled OnlineJFS license

Older versions of HP-UX 11.11,11.23 and 11.31 do suffer from the OnlineJFS license disabling itself. This was due to a product defect from Symanntec which HP let into a depot a few years ago.

System had this license information:

vxlicrep[/root] # vxlicrep

Symantec License Manager vxlicrep utility version
Copyright (C) 1996-2006 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.

Creating a report on all VERITAS products installed on this system


License Key = 3JZU-WDP6-PP6C-P4O4-HS38-NPPO-P
Product Name = VERITAS File System
Serial Number = 1
License Type = PERMANENT
OEM ID = 4095

Features :=
HP_OnlineJFS = Enabled

CPU Count = Not Restricted
Platform = HP-UX
Version = 4.1
File Change Log = Enabled
Maximum number of file systems = Not Restricted

Command and response.
fsadm: /etc/default/fs is used for determining the file system type
vxfs fsadm: V-3-25255: fsadm: You don’t have a license to run this program

[/root] # vxenablef -a

After the vxenablef -a statement the fsadm command starts to work. This will is not a license bypass. If the system is not actually licensed it won’t work.

fsadm command works after this correction.

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