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27 Oct 09 HP-UX Hardware: How to tell your fiber channel adapter is KIA

 Important information in bold. Must run as root. Serial numbers changed to protect the innocent.

No electrons were harmed in the creation of this message.

root # fcmsutil /dev/fcd1

                           Vendor ID is = 0x001077
                           Device ID is = 0x002312
            PCI Sub-system Vendor ID is = 0x00103c
                   PCI Sub-system ID is = 0x0012c9
                               PCI Mode = PCI-X 133 MHz
                       ISP Code version = 3.3.18
                       ISP Chip version = 3
                      Previous Topology = UNINITIALIZED
                             Link Speed = UNKNOWN
                     Local N_Port_id is = None
                  Previous N_Port_id is = None
            N_Port Node World Wide Name = 0x50060b0000c1bd8b
            N_Port Port World Wide Name = 0x50060b0000c1bd8a
            Switch Port World Wide Name = 0x0000000000000000
            Switch Node World Wide Name = 0x0000000000000000
                           Driver state = AWAITING_LINK_UP
                       Hardware Path is = 3/0/12/1/0/4/1
                     Maximum Frame Size = 2048
         Driver-Firmware Dump Available = NO
         Driver-Firmware Dump Timestamp = N/A
                         Driver Version = @(#) libfcd.a HP Fibre Channel ISP 23xx & 24xx Driver B.11.23.06 /ux/core/isu/FCD/kern/src/common/wsio/fcd_init.c:Jun 23 2006,14:05:23

                           Driver state = AWAITING_LINK_UP (Sure sign of a dead card)


root  # fcmsutil /dev/fcd1 vpd
                V I T A L   P R O D U C T   D A T A
                ———   ————-   ——-

 Product Description    : “PCI-X 2-port 2Gb FC/2-port 1000B-T HBA                     ”

 Part number            : “AB465-60001”

 Engineering Date Code  : “A-4620”

 Part Serial number     : “PQR06501L0”

 Misc. Information      : “PW=25W;PCI 66MHZ;PCI-X 133MHZ”

 Mfd. Date              : “4651”

 Check Sum              : 0xf9

 EFI version            : “001.47”

 ROM Firmware version   : “003.003.154”

 Asset Tag              : “NA”

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