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04 Oct 18 Glance/midaemons wont start

Troublehooting steps:

1- Remove the /var/opt/perf/ and try to start glance again


#rm /var/opt/perf/



2- If the above fails to fix it then stop and restart Glance as follows


# mwa stop

# midaemon -smdvss 4M -kths 1000 -pids 5000 -p # ps -ef | grep midaemon Make sure the midaemon is running, # mwa start


Modify MWA_START_COMMAND variable in /etc/rc.config.d/ovpa as follows to keep the changes across system reboot.


# grep MWA_START_COMMAND /etc/rc.config.d/ovpa MWA_START_COMMAND=”/opt/perf/bin/midaemon -smdvss 4M -kths 1000 -pids 5000 -p ; /opt/perf/bin/mwa start”


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