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28 Aug 11 Finding someone for your next HP-UX build

Core competencies of our owner and fearless leader

  • npar/vpar build up from the bare metal, virtualization. How to build a cloud on the big iron
  • HPVM Virtualization on Itanium
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Vertias Volume Manager VxVM(1 year on platform)
  • HP Serviceguard High Availability Cluster.
  • APA Auto Port Aggregation
  • Work Load Manager (WLM)
  • Kernel Tuning, optimization, tuning for large database servers.
  • HP tools such as kmeminfo, SysInfo (and much much more)
  • Automation Scripting to improve outcome of repetitive systems administration tasks.
  • SD-UX Software Distributor, building patch sets.
  • OE(Operating Environment) update to roll out improvements in networking and input/output subsystems that are not in the bi-annual patch set.
  • Audit Scripting
  • Health Check scripting for day to day use after routine work.
  • DRD, Dynamic Root Disk for OE updates and bi-annual patching to minimize downtime.
  • Ignite-UX (see an article on this upcoming)

Quality Assurance Improvements done on previous assignments:

  • Boot host before patches or major updates. Make sure system still boots and that major applications have not been modified into a non-starting state.
  • Check that a kernel can be compiled before patching (basic health check needed for any major update)
  • Run a patch consistency check prior to major work.
  • Use system health check before patching to insure pre update health.

Maybe ISN Corporation should be working on your next big HP-UX system build

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