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13 Oct 15 debugging startup problems: trick of the day

Got an unfindable syntax error in startup?

We have the trick for you courtesy of JRF of the ITRC forums

/sbin/rc[102]: syntax error at line 188 : `”‘ unmatched
/sbin/rc1.d/S090hpvmguest[286]: /usr/bin/getconf: not found
/sbin/rc1.d/S090hpvmguest[286]: /usr/bin/grep: not found
/sbin/rc1.d/S105vparinit[63]: /usr/sbin/kcpath: not found

sh -vx /etc/rc.config 2>&1|more

+ fname=netconf
+ [ -f /etc/rc.config.d/netconf -a netconf != core -a netconf = netconf ]
+ . /etc/rc.config.d/netconf
/etc/rc.config[13]: Syntax error at line 188 : `”‘ is not matched.

Problem startup file in this case is netconf

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